Our Gippsland departures are proven to be very popular. The convenience of travelling in a group to the airport makes a relaxed beginning to your holiday. Before departure you will be given the opportunity to meet with your fellow travellers at an information night for your departure. Once you book on a Gippsland Departure you will be transferred to the airport from an agreed location along with the rest of the group. Once arrived at the airport we will assist you with your airline check in procedures and send you off on your trip of a life time!

Solo Travellers

The best way to enjoy a holiday is to join a small group of couples and solo travellers; allowing you to have the company of fellow travellers and have the security of a group. Our experience has shown that approximately 50% of passengers request to have their own cabin or room, but still like to travel and enjoy participating in activities with familiar faces.  There are many solo travellers in the world with an overwhelming number enjoying the experience.  We are willing to assist to introduce you to a potential fellow traveller to share the travel experience with as we have a large number of solo travellers wishing to share the costs of a cabin or room with you.

John and Moira are constantly travelling the world and at times can take part in a Gippsland Departure. They aren’t there as a tour guide but are there to assist with any needs.

In 2014 we introduced Chris Borgelt as a Tour Hostess  She has been a tour hostess for six years and has visited over 54 countries. Chris will be there to help you throughout your travel journeys.

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